Pippa Morgan - find out more about our featured Enfield Southgate candidate

Enfield Liberal Democrats have selected party activist Pippa Morgan as their Enfield Southgate Westminster Candidate

Activists and candidate alike are motivated to work hard to win the Enfield Southgate seat off the Brexit Tory incumbent MP.

Here is more about Pippa


Pippa’s lived in London since 2008 having grown up in South Manchester and studied at Cambridge University. Always having been interested in politics, after university Pippa took up a role as parliamentary researcher to Paul Burstow, then Lib Dem MP for Sutton and Cheam. In the run up to the 2010 election and in the early months of the Coalition, Pippa managed the Westminster office of Vince Cable, Lib Dem MP for Twickenham and leading economic expert.


‘Growing up I’d always followed politics but wasn’t a member of any party, and thought I wanted to be a political journalist – however working for Lib Dem MPs convinced me you can make a real difference locally and nationally through politics, something I aspire to. Particularly being part of Vince Cable’s team was a fantastic opportunity, where I learnt a huge amount from one of the most significant voices on economics and politics – challenging Labour for their disastrous handling of the economy, going on to be a strong, liberal voice in the Coalition delivering on Liberal Democrat election promises.’


Since 2011 Pippa has worked for the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) working with UK business leaders from companies of all sizes and sectors. She joined as a policy adviser, specialising in key business issues including immigration, employee engagement & relations. In 2015 Pippa was appointed CBI’s head of education and skills, leading a team of experts in education - from early years to further education – advising businesses and working with government departments on the UK education and skills system.




‘Successful businesses underpin prosperity which is why I’m adamant that a thriving private sector is essential for our economy. For the past six year I’ve worked with a wide-range of companies on what matters to their businesses and what will help them grow: from small, family run enterprises to major household names.


‘The Tories promise ‘strong and stable’ government but pushing for a hard Brexit will hit business, jobs and families, while Labour are too busy fighting themselves to challenge the Conservatives or produce any decent policies. Only the Lib Dems will stand up to Theresa May for what’s best for our economy, fighting for a future with Europe and our place in the Single Market.’


Pippa's lived in Hackney since 2011, where she is a trustee of a local church which is active in the local community. An active member of the Lib Dems in the Hackney area and across London, Pippa’s also a keen cyclist, runner and a recent newcomer to triathlon.


‘Why am I standing to be MP for Enfield Southgate? Because this is a great area which deserves a better choice than a Tory MP who will support hard Brexit or backing Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Voting for me and the Lib Dems is your chance to change Britain’s future on June 8th.’