Bring back Vince

Team Enfield travel to Twickenham to support Vince and Pippa as they campaign to Bring Back Vince.


It was very hot and we were all pretty exhausted by the end of the day - forgoing an evening in the pub, unusual for the Enfield team. 

Anyway, using our MiniVan and teaming up with Hackney, we canvassed for the Lib Dem candidate across the constituency. The response was very positive and we were warmly greeted by most voters excited to get "their" MP back.  

Thank you to everyone who braved the M25 and the heat to support getting one of our target seats back. We learnt a lot from our London Lib Dem colleagues and we enjoyed canvassing across Whitton. 

This will help us as we grow and learn our craft in Enfield and become stronger as local campaigners. Great job Laura, John, Richard and Gerry, and our new member -  from Hackney not Enfield Geoff. 

Enfield Southgate Candidate: Pippa Morgan

Enfield Southgate Candidate: Pippa Morgan

Pippa Morgan Liberal Democrat Candidate Lib Dem Enfield Southgate