Welcome to the Enfield Local Party, we're very much in start-up mode as we reform, we are small and enthusiastic bunch. We're meeting at Ye Old Cherry Tree at 730pm each Wednesday leading up to the General Election - come say hello, volunteer, donate. We are a friendly bunch all galvanized by this snap election.


The Executive


We meet each month to manage the business of moving the party forward, we a small and growing band of activists who care about their communicate. Joanne Cumper is chair and leading the digital transformation of the local party, as well as delivering a solid framework for the future. Vice chair is renowned writer and that's why he's our PR and content lead too - Stuart Laycock. George Achillea, a trained accountant is sensibly our treasurer, Marco Jones, Computer Science graduate heads Data, Harry Redman is Member Development officer and also agent in our local by-election, Chris Bushill leads campaigning - Chris has served as a councilor in the Home Counties. We were recently joined by Laura Wooland, our Secretary and head of engagement. We'll let her tell you about herself: 




 "I had never been a member of a political party until 2016. Then 23rd June happened and I was disappointed by the outcome of the Referendum to leave the EU. I was shocked by the rise in hate crimes and racism. I was worried about the economy. I was angered by the misinformation presented by the Leave campaign.

I realised that I had to channel my energy and get properly involved with politics in order to make my voice heard. I want to live in a sustainable, open and compassionate country. So I joined the Liberal Democrats – and here I am, Secretary for the Enfield Liberal Democrats and keen to make a positive contribution."